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Welcome to the Gundam X Arena!

((8-12-02)) Well, this site has certianly dropped from it's former glory, I aplogize for the lack of anything interesting, but Tripod sucks and I' broke so I need free image hosting with lots of space and bandwidth and a place where I can make multiple accounts.

((6-11-02)) long time no see! just stopped by to say that I'm still here, but I'm going to have to remove the image galleries untill further notice, tripod shrank my account size and I will have to upload my images eleswhere.  (about an hour later)  Ahh crap!! I was trying to move my images to a smaller site and ended up losing them all when the program froze!  this computer sucks!

((November 18-01)) Gee another month gone by! I've been busy wth my new site Gundam Archive and all the subsites of that...redid the sidebar a bit wont be here for a while I'm working on my Gundam 0083 site so feel free to check it out!

((September-23-01)) WOW! I havet been here for a whole month um sorry bout not updating but I've been busy with school and whatnot as you can see the side bar has been changed and it is now a table and at the top it links to my main site Gundam Archive well I hope to do more work here someday umm as soon as I get all my other sites somwhat started I will update here moreoften!

((August-19-01)) My hard-drive was down sorry umm moved the fan-mechs to the fan-stuff section I bought the Gundam: Journey to Jaburo game for PS2 pretty cool if you have Armored core 2 it makes it really easy there are only 9 levels in story mode, tactics is pretty cool though, and the MS gallery is cool. over all I dont think it's great but it's pretty good!

((July-26-01)) YEA!!! I finally have all story synopses up!!! and if anyone notices that some are not up please tell me.

((July-25-01)) well im in an ok mood as you can see I have deleted the red typing.  put up some more fan-mechs still want to find someone else to do some.

((July-23-01)) YEA!!! MS Gundam aired!! it was ok it wasen't great the animation is old but it's cool.  08th MS team will air at midnight.  I fixed image gallery 3, and added a new fan-mech.  

((July-20-01)) Beacuse of the cheep prices on some of the Gundam X models I feel that they may be bootleg so be caeful, I bought one and it was just as good as all my others.  And I am herby stating that I am not responsible of the buyers actions and dont come complaing to me if it's wrong.

((July-19-01)) Well I am still taking suggestions on how to improve my site...Uh yeah..Oh if anyone out there has animtions that I dont please tell me I'd like to get more.  OK MS Gundam and 08th MS Team will air Monday at 5 and midnight.  Quick poll on the side..had to make another page for the fan mechs they were taking over the Mecha section the new page can be found here>Fan mechs

((July-18-01))Gallery 2 is finished.  More fan-mechs in the fan-mech section(yeah duhh)the buy stuff section is still off and I hope to have it back up soon.

((July-17-01))Found story summaries.  Still want to see Gundam X, yes I do know that the buy stuff section is not up.....  Image gallery 2 is being worked on, I made 3 more MS's/Gundams, I am hoping someone else will make one, I dont care who................

((July-16-01)) Well all the mecha is done, images are comming along nicely, bios are done and I have expanded my create your own mech section which is now at the top of the mecha.  I hope to find so other people who have created their own mecha.Ummm.... looking for episode summaries... if ya know where to find them tell me I dont know how to see Gundam X (dont give me a smart ass response like "on TV") so I need to find Episode summaries or have someone do them for me....

((July-13-01)) OHHH Friday the 13th big whoop. Mecha is comming along nicely.  I will put the images for all the suits up first then put in the info......Charactes should be finished by Monday/Tuesday

((July-12-01)) Mecha Section comming along nicely all images should be up by tonight some info(I dont know) Got the polls up I have 3 new fan-suits, Charactes should be done on saturday/sunday..MS Gundam and 08th MS team comming along real fast.  Its amazing that difference in animation quality between MSG and all the other gundam Sagas

((July-10-01)) The galleries are comming along nicely they should be up by the end of the week and Character Bios and Mecha should be up by next week

((July-10-01)) Well I have changed the name of this site so update all your links since to old site no longer exists.....At the moment nothing is here but it will be soon

((July-4-01))I have just comissiond the create your mech section! it can be found in the Mecha section at the bottom I am currently creating some Gundams of my own so I hope to see some other than mine in there some time!

((July-4-01))yeah!! I got my first fan work up and I am hoping that some of my visitors might come out and say that they have done some works.....I don't know if I will do any but I may... I don't care if you copied the peice but just as lonas you did not trace it or alter it color wise form another pict....

((July-3-01)) Well got some more images up.... The second character gallery should be done by the end of the week. The first character gallery should be done by 5:00 pacific standard time.

((June-28-00)) Little down time here and there, if you noticed this place was down for a few hours it was cause I was toying with the setting of the stie which I wont ever do again. I added some downloads in the "Stuff" area under icons and no the neat little Gundams next to the link are not in the icon packs. I would like to get some suggestions for you on what I can do to improve my site and make you happy. I would also like to know if anyone has seen a really good Gundam X site( not like Gundam Plus good) but like equal to this one or better.

((June-23-01)) MAN!! Gundam X must be the least most popular Gundam series out there!! I have found maybe 6 sites on the whole web about it. Even though I have never seen the series I'd imagine it would be pretty good, but maybe cause I havent seen it I'm missing someting. But ya know I still want to see it.
((June-22-01) WOW!! Hey now you can buy stuff!!
((June-20-01)) HEY! I got a model section up (don't own any Gundam X models) But I figured I put up a place where you could look at their prices.
((June-20-01)) hey I finally found a really good site after all!! it had been right under my nose the whole time It will definately go in my links as soon as possible!
((June 18-01)) man I've been searcheing forever for a good Gundam X site and I have found none! there were some good ones from which i took some bios but I still have't found a site with all the biso for all the characters!