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After War Gundam X Episode Synopsis
Episode 07: I'm Going To Sell The Gundam
Synopsis: Garrod and Jamil cleverly use the beam cannon to propel themselves away from the blast. But a large chunk of shrapnel slams into Jamil's mobile suit. Garrod returns him to the Freiden, where Techs must perform emergency surgery. Sarah prevents the bridge crew from reprimanding Garrod, instead slapping him across the face. Garrod goes to see Tifa, but Tifa refuses to see him (she's ashamed of wearing the makeup) and Garrod misinterprets her reasons. Enil takes a shower, but grabs her gun when she hears someone approach. It's Zacotte, with wine. They drink to the capture of the GX. After a sleepless night, Garrod goes to check on Jamil but ducks down behind some freight as he sees the bridge crew and the Kid leaving the infirmary. The operation was a sucess, although the Captain is still unconscious. Sarah and the others discuss how unreliable Garrod is and how he should be punished. Tifa then visits Jamil, and Garrod is shocked to see her holding his hand with both of hers. Techs asks him what he's doing, and Garrod looks like he's about to cry before running away. Garrod launches the GX without permission. Members of Zacotte's crew find Witts' gold stash, which was uncovered in the explosion, just as Witts arrives to check on it. Garrod decides to sell the GX and return to drifting. Witts challenges Zacotte's men for the gold. Freiden signals for Robie, because Garrod's disapearance leaves them without any Mobile Suit pilots. Tonya wonders if Garrod will ever return. Robie picks up his Gundam from a maintenance shop. The owner wants an exorbitant sum, but will knock some of the cost off if he can have a picture taken with the Gundam. No sooner than he has hung up the new picture, Garrod appears at the shop in the GX-9900. He asks to park the Gundam and for an information broker, because he intends to sell the Gundam. Enil El learns of Garrod's auction. Garrod stands in front of a large crowd with a microphone. Before a suspicious looking man can pull a gun on him for the GX, Garrod demonstrates one of the time-released explosions he set up beforehand to protect himself from unscrupulous bidders. Bidding starts at $50,000,000 and the suspicious man eventually offers $100,000,000. Garrod accepts the offer, but then asks the suspicious man how much he's willing to pay for the GX's control unit! Enil El offers $300,000,000 for the Gundam and the control unit. Later, Garrod and Enil are at a bar. Enil says the money will be delivered in the morning, but Garrod is still suspicious of double crosses. Enil hits on a flustered Garrod. Witts manages to retrieve his suitcase of gold from Zacotte's men, only to be surrounded by the rest of Zacotte's forces. In a hotel room, Garrod is having second thoughts about selling the Gundam. Witts is out of ammo and caught in a crossfire. Tifa begins drawing with the tube of lipstick. Enil quietly sneaks into Garrod's room and sits on his bed. They stare at each other.