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After War Gundam X Episode Synopsis
Episode 06: I Have A Bad Feeling
Synopsis: Enil El and her men scavenge parts from an abandoned nuclear base. They escape as the base explodes. Enil sits in the shade with a cocktail as Zacotte Daconol talks about a new assignment. He shows Enil photos of the GX-9900 and Garrod he purchased from an information broker. Tifa hasn't had any luck locating other Newtypes for Jamil-- he says to take her time. Garrod and the mechanic crew are eavesdropping and are reprimanded by Jamil and later by the Kid. Loading equipment, Garrod is thinking about Tifa and causes an accident. In the infirmary, Techs treats minor injuries from the accident. Garrod starts to apologize but runs away. Some of the crew are mad, but Techs laughs and says that Garrod isn't used to being around people. Sarah and Garrod report to the Captain, who doesn't punish Garrod. The bridge crew start to tease him, but Garrod runs off. Sarah wants to ask Jamil a personal question but changes her mind. Tifa shows Jamil a geometric drawing and is pleased with his reaction. Sarah sees Garrod alone outside and comments that life is difficult. Tonya visits Tifa with makeup and a plan to cheer Garrod up. Jamil and Techs reminisce about being young and in love. Jamil learns that the person Techs loves is in heaven. Techs predicts Garrod will do something foolish. Garrod downloads terrain maps to a disk and launches the GX. He plans to salvage parts from an abandoned base to make up for his earlier blunder. Enil El has been waiting for the GX to leave the Freiden and follows. The bridge crew determine Garrod's destination and realize how dangerous it is. They send out warning flares to other Vultures. Jamil leaves Sarah in command and takes a Mobile Suit to pursue Garrod. Garrod is attacked by Enil and her men at the reactor, which becomes unstable. Sarah helps one of the crew distribute radiation suits. She is angry to see Tifa playing with makeup when Garrod (and Jamil) are in danger. Jamil warns Garrod to get away, but as the two are fleeing, the base explodes.