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After War Gundam X Episode Synopsis
Episode 08: I Will Not Forgive Him!
Synopsis: Garrod says he knew Enil would come. She reaches for him, but he raises a gun on her. An unknown plane destroys all of Zacotte's forces that are attacking Witts. Witts escapes and signals a 'thank you'. The plane contains Shagia and Olba Frost, who attacked Zacotte for reasons of their own. Garrod mistakenly believes that Enil was going to kill him in the night to get his Gundam without paying. She walks to him, talking about how they are both lonely. Garrod is shaking as she touches his hand. He shoots a warning shot and tells her to get out. Enil returns to Zacotte's barge. Zacotte hits on her but Enil slaps him and goes to her quarters. She is furious that Garrod has spurned her and says she will not forgive him. The Freiden is hiding while Jamil recouperates. Witts follows Robie to the Freiden, hoping for a safe place to hide his stash of gold. Tonya accidentally releases the case's locking mechanism, shocking everyone with the amount Witts is hording. He threatens to kill anyone who touches it. The Freiden can only afford to keep one pilot on retainer (Robie), but Sarah agrees to safeguard Witts' stash in return for his services. She is discussing the situation with Techs when Tifa comes to visit Jamil, but Tifa leaves when she sees Sarah there. Tonya visits Witts to return the photo of his family which he left behind in his Gundam. Angry with her prying, Witts reveals that his youngest brother in the photograph is dead. Robie flirts with Sarah in the hallway but she tells him not to make fun of her. Tifa returns to visit Jamil and Techs tells her she should try to understand other people's feelings and burdens. Garrod walks around in the city and for the first time feels lonely. Shagia and Olba see the photo of the GX in the mechanic's shop. Enil decides the best way to flush the GX and Garrod out is to attack the Freiden. Garrod realizes he is being followed. Tifa senses danger and warns Sarah and Robie on the bridge. Enil and Zacotte's forces attack the Freiden. Robie takes the Leopard out to fight, but Witts' Airmaster is still being repaired. Garrod tries to lure his follower out-- it's the suspicious man from the auction! He attacks, and while Garrod attempts to retrieve his gun, the suspicious man kicks him in the back. He punches Garrod in the face when he won't reveal the GX's location. The suspicious man draws a knife, but is scared away by a gunshot. Shagi and Olba face Garrod in the street. Shagia wants to talk to Garrod. Olba suggests tea. Garrod reaches for his gun but Shagia shoots it away. Having tea at a local shop, Garrod tells the Frost brothers he will not return to the Freiden. Shagia tells Garrod he wants him to pilot the GX until his death at their hands. The Frost brothers have never lost a battle before the GX. Shagia tells Garrod not to underestimate him and kicks Garrod under the table to throw off his aim. Garrod's shot passes into a window. The information brokers hired by Shagia return to town with news of Enil El attacking the Freiden. Garrod says it's no concern of his, but he follows the Frost brothers to the mechanic's shop. The mechanic is upset that he didn't get a chance to take a photo with the Frost Brothers' gundams. Garrod launches the GX towards the Freiden.