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Tifa's condition changes suddenly, and her nervous system begins to collapse. Jamil indicates to the crew that they are returning to the Alternative Company to attack and take over Medical HQ to help Tifa. The crew then confronts Jamil on why Tifa is so important. The Doc then reports that Tifa is getting worse. As a result, Jamil moves the Frieden out himself, and then tells his story. Jamil himself was a Gundam pilot. He blames himself for the tragedy of what happened to Earth. Jamil, a former newtype, piloted the GX-9900 Gundam X against the colony drop operation. As a result of him pulling the trigger on the Satellite Cannon, the colonies were dropped, causing devastation on Earth. He intends to protect Tifa from what he was exposed to, as well as all other newtypes. Witts and Roby decide to leave, and Jamil lets them. Garoad confronts Witts and Roby to try and make them help Jamil, but he gets beat up. Garoad goes to sneak in and see Tifa, but the Doc catches him, and tells him he'll be outside. Garoad apologizes to Tifa for causing her injury and tells her not to die. Jamil knows he cannot do the operation alone, so he sends a signal for some other friendly vultures to cooperate. However, Olba reports telepathically to his brother of the plans that are given out during the meeting. Shagia then leaves with some men to outwit the Frieden and its allies. Garoad sneaks into the fixup area and gets into a fight with what appears to be another kid, who is rescued by fellow mechanics, and is found to be the chief mechanic, Sam Samuel. Garoad tells Jamil that he wants to fight, but Jamil tells them he will. By accident, Sam mentions the cockpit phobia of the Captain. Meanwhile, Olba Frost escapes in his Gundam Ashtaron, which has a mobile armor form. He then takes Tifa. Once Olba is clear, Shagia and his men take over. Shagia fires some sort of mega cannon to end it all.