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After War Gundam X Episode Synopsis
Episode 05: You Pull The Trigger
Synopsis: The Freiden comes under heavy attack and the ship's main engine is damaged. Jamil's Vulture allies cover the Freiden. Olba Frost takes Tifa to the military base as Shagia prepares to fight. Garrod wants to launch the GX but Jamil has confiscated the control unit. He will not let Garrod fight unless he likes his reasons for fighting. Garrod admits he's only fighting to save Tifa, and not for Newtypes as a whole. Jamil is satisfied with Garrod's answer and returns the control unit. The Kid has reservations about Garrod's ability to pilot the GX, but also reminds Garrod to take his new weapons. Shagia tells Garrod he should have waited for the full moon as they battle. Freiden's bridge crew is surprised that Jamil isn't fighting. Jamil watches Garrod fight and thinks that is how he used to be. An explosion knocks a photograph down from the Captain's quarters-- a photo of a 15 year old Jamil in uniform. A bar is filled with patrons, but Robie drinks alone outside. Witts uncovers his secret stash of gold and adds another bar. He looks at a photo of a large family and promises he'll return to them soon. Olba delivers Tifa to the base's physicians and gives them instructions to counteract the poison. Shagia uses a spread beam to decimate the Vultures' mobile suit forces. Sarah calculates it will be ten minutes before moonrise. Garrod is holding his own against Shagia, until Olba returns and pins his Gundam from behind. Shagia decides to kill Garrod without damaging the GX-9900. Witts and Robie return and attack, freeing Garrod. They call it an 'afterservice'. Tifa is revived, and the Chairman tells her his plans to use her Newtype abilities. The Grandine arrives-- the Chairman plans to use it against the Vultures and the Frost brothers. Tifa warns Jamil mentally. All the combatants must dodge photon particle blasts from the Grandine. Shagia says they gave them Tifa too quickly. The Freiden's crew decide Garrod will have to use the beam cannon to destroy the lab, even though Tifa is still there. Tifa tells Jamil her plan. He takes a jeep out to the GX to help Garrod. Tifa will mentally direct Jamil to direct Garrod to use the beam cannon. Jamil wishes he could pull the trigger himself, but his cockpit phobia won't allow him a steady hand. Jamil relays the coordinates to Garrod, but the strain causes his ear to bleed. Garrod destroys the lab and Tifa emerges unscathed. She walks out to the GX and Garrod jumps out to greet her. They decide to both stay on the Freiden with Jamil. The next morning the other Vulture barges, Witts, and Robie depart as the Freiden's crew wave from the hull.