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Tifa is going crazy, like in Episode 2, and then passes out as the Frieden approaches. Jamil goes out, and pulls a similar trick to what Garoad pulled in the first episode to hijack the mobile suit. Jamil says to Garoad that he has no right to the GX or Tifa. As Garoad is struggling, Jamil explains Tifa's abilities of mind-reading and how she can feel other people's feelings. Garoad tries to hit Jamil, but Jamil literally beats him to punch. Witts and Roby take him away. An unknown mobile suit appears and destroys many mobile suits. The pilot says he's looking for Homer Alternative, head of the Alternative Company. The pilot then introduces himself as Shagia Frost, saying that Homer should hire him. Shagia then starts talking to him about Tifa, which is supposed to be top secret. Then after a cute play with chess pieces, Shagia offers to get Tifa back, saying "my mount is fierce." Garoad is seen next, when he puts the guard to sleep, sneaks out, and then sneaks back in. The Doctor comes in to check on Tifa and notices new flowers next to Tifa's bed. Jamil comes and learns of the prognosis. She is getting better, but is not out of the danger zone. Shagia is looking for Tifa with tarot cards. An unknown mobile armor is then seen being chased by a Vulture. Since the Frieden can't move because of Tifa, Witts and Roby are sent out to deal with apporaching mobile suits that are chasing the armor. Jamil brings Garoad to the bridge to watch the battle. Witts and Roby professionally obliterate the enemy, who surrender. The Frieden rescues the mobile armor and its pilot, a guy named Olba. Jamil and the Doc are talking about Tifa, and how well she's coming a long, when Jamil notices new flowers next to her bed. Shagia tells Homer his brother is with Tifa, where at this time, we find out for sure that Olba is actually Olba Frost, Shagia's brother. Garoad sneaks out for more flowers, but Jamil catches him. Olba sneaks into Tifa's room, and then injects her with something, which appears to be poison.