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Last episode ended with the Captain of the Freiden's question, "Is There A Moon?" while Witts and Roybie, two freelance Gundam pilots from the Freiden, speed off to meet the "enemy" who stole Tifa. Thereafter, a fight ensuees, since Tifa is what they want. Using Tifa as a bargaining tool, Garoad was able to escape both the Gundam pilots and the Freiden. The time off from fighting gives Tifa and Garoad time to eat, rest, and to start to get to know each other. Meanwhile, back on the Freiden, we are introduced to Jamil Neet, the Captain of the Freiden. He is mysterious and all-knowing apparently, and hides behind a pair of sunglasses all the time. Garoad tells his life story to Tifa. He had parents. His dad was an engineer, but was left an orphan as a result of the War and an attack by rogues of his town. He barely stayed alive, and then decided to become a mechanic, eventually getting into his current line of work. Tifa simply says, "Sad memories...I too, am alone." But no sooner than they begin to share a moment, Tifa's Newtype responses kick into action. She pushes Garoad out of the way of mobile suit fire. Information brokers had forwarded word on the Gundam X's appearance in the area. One woman with white hair wished to take the GX. As more mobile suits show up, the woman is distracted long enough for Garoad and Tifa to get into the GX. Garoad beats the woman, who is then killed by another mobile suit. Incredible fighting between over 40 mobile suit begins, with the Gundam X at the center of the pack. Garoad starts fighting with a fury Tifa doesn't understand...he is fighting to live. Everything in his life has died, and he wants to stay alive. He also wishes to keep Tifa alive. Eventually, the Freiden finds Garoad and the fighting. Just as Garoad is running out of time, energy, and weapons, Tifa closes her eyes for about ten seconds then saying, "Power. For you..." as she activated the Satellite System on the moon. Garoad realizes what's going on, and opens the Satellite Cannon of the Gundam X. It receives the microwave and charges up, while the mobile suits and the Freiden stare in awe and amazement. Garoad fires the Satellite Cannon, obliterating everything...EVERYTHING in its path. Despite Jamil's "warnings" to Tifa about not using the Satellite Cannon, it happened anyway. The crew of the Freiden, ask "What was that?" In response, Jamil simply says, "A fifteen-year-old nightmare." Garoad is relieved to be alive, but Tifa is not well. She screams in horror, as her eyes bulge out of her head a little. She then faints, and Garoad is terribly scared and confused. Witts and Roybie escaped the blast, and comment also on howmonstruous and deadly the Gundam X is. They look at it from a far, a symbol of death and power, standing in the middle of a crater easily a kilometer in diameter.