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After the Great War, there was no relief for those who had survived. Survival of the fittest was never more evident. The scene is small town, mid-day, at its market. Two con men try to get money from people by pretending one of them is a Newtype leftover from the war. Then, without notice, a mobile suit attacks. Everyone panics, while the town’s defenders battle with it. Out of a shelter, a young boy blinds the mobile suit with a bomb, and then boards and hijacks the mobile suit, saving the town. The boy’s name is Garoad Ran. Just as he is receiving cheer and praise from the people of the town, a man called Raika Anto comes and wishes to hire Garoad. The job is to rescue a young girl named Tifa Adil from a Vulture. A Vulture is what the word means. They take what is leftover for its own benefit. These groups of people take old technology like mobile suits, and sell it for as much as they can get. Garoad boards the Vulture ship, the Freiden. He immediately breaks into the Captain’s quarters, but finds nothing in the safe but a mobile suit control unit, but takes it anyway. Hearing a young girl singing, he follows the voice, and then rescues Tifa. Garoad then brings Tifa to Raika Anto, but he then realizes that Tifa does not like Raika Anto, and is scared of him. He then takes her away. As he speeds away, Anto and his mobile suit team pursues the two kids. Tifa then displays an amazing ability. She directs Garoad away from the path of the mobile suit guns, and eventually to an old Federation mobile suit factory. The buggy is destroyed, but Tifa, unscathed, points to a mobile suit: not just any mobile suit, a Gundam GX-9900. Garoad takes Tifa and then uses the control unit to pilot it. Using the unbelievable abilities of the Gundam and his adaptability, he beats Anto and his MS team. The Captain of the Freiden stands up, as his two freelance MS pilots speed off to the new Gundam. “Is there a moon?” he frantically asks.