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1-This is a non-yoai/yuri site please dont send me e-mails saying I should have this stuff or critizing me for not having it.

2-I have not seen Gundam X if you know someting about it that I dont please feel free to tell me.

3-If you wish to IM me please E-mail me first and ask permission.

4-Gundam X and such is copyright it's respective creators I only own copyrights to the layout of this site

5- If you wish to criticize me feel free to do so just dont come flaring at me or youll never hear the end of.  Comliments are always appreciated.

6-I have enought trouble working on this site but if you have any questions regarding building a site or help with one feel free to ask.  Just don't ask about HTML cause I have no clue about it.

7-other than that feel free to e-mail me whenever you like at: